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My hips are uneven causing my right leg to appear longer. This tends to cause extreme tightness in my inner right thigh as well as pain on the inside of my right knee and occasionally on the outside of my left hip.
Is it possible for me to fix my hip alignment by exercising and retraining muscles.
I have been going to a chiropractor and physical therepist on and off for years but nothing works.
I run a lot of miles and it is really starting to effect my ability to do long runs.
What sort of specialist besides the two I have mentioned may be able to tell me exactly what is going on?

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    Dr. Brian

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    You may want to look up the local sports chiropractic association, and find a chiropractor that has a CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner). They will have extra training in the area of sports, including your running problems.Another area to look is a podiatrist, who may be able to fit you with orthotics if your leg length issue is due to an anatomic issue. Many chiropractors also can fit with orthotics, so you check out for a local chiropractor trained to fit with orthotics. They are a well known brand.Dr. B


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