Hip/Glute tightness and ITB pain

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Hoping for some help re: my ITB pain. I think the inflammation at the femoral condyle area is subsiding. But I continue to have tightness in my hip area that comes on and steadily increases when I run – at about 2 miles.

Any advice on how to get rid of the ITB/Gluteus maximus tightness that seems to perpetuating my ITB pain? I’ve been stretching – even during runs – but this is still an issue.

Any pointers would be GREATLY appreciated. I want to get rid of this junk!!

Thanks –

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    Sorry i couldn’t be more help.Snapping hip or Runner’s knee….its all the same problem!


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    Thanks, Oliphant. I HAVE had my ITB stripped several times. I have orthotics, too. Actually, the affected leg has a very neutral foot. I was injured due to training error.

    I believe my ITB is still tight, but way up at the attachment in the hip area. It has basically “let go” down at my knee. The pain I currently have when I run is at my hip/glute area.



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    When you go for Sports massage make sure your therapist “strips” your ITB,you’ll know if you’ve already had this done as its quite painful!! Your ITB can be stripped up to 3 times a session – its the only real way to release the tension in the band. And perhaps see someone with regards to orthotics, they can be expenive but are worth it, its very likely the problem starts with your feet.


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