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i’m 29 years old and I have chronic low back pain. after an MRI it was discovered that I have a bulged disc. upon seeing a neurologist, I was given an emg study that showed that I have a pinched nerve that causes shooting muscle spasms down my left leg, hip,groin,and knee area. I was then referred to a local pain clinic where I have received 2 epidural blocks with no relief. after I experienced no relief I was sent to see a neurosurgeon who upon looking at my MRI noticed a slight degeneration around L5 region(disk bulge. I was referred to physical therapy 2-3x a week. I have not started yet, because I just received the referral. I have burning pain down my spine and sometimes I can’t get out of bed without assistance. I find it hard to put on my sock or shoe on the left side because the pain in the groin area feels as if it “locks” on me. I even find it hard to bend down. any suggestions, do you think physical therapy is the right thing at this time. i’m not a doctor but I think I need an MRI in the groin area. I feel as if my hip/groin area is trying to separate from the rest of my body…… Please help

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    yes I would get an MRI of the groin, I am in the middle of waiting for that very same thing,aswell after lower back problems with a bulging disc, anywhere that you are feeling any pain that stops you for doing anything is worth having an MRI on so you know what your dealing with, good luck!


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