Hip/groin pain

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I am a 33 year old distance runner who has been injured for exactly 11 months and 3 days, but who is counting. I have pain in my groin and left hip, right below the bursa and near the greater trochanter. The pain came on suddenly, after running a road marathon. It doesn’t hurt when I run, but usually gets stiff a few hours after and hurts the next day.
I have had all the conservative treatments, including steriod injections, to no avail. PT helped me strengthen some of the muscles around the area, but did not help with the problem. MRI’s, Xrays, and bone scans only show a small bone cyst. Please help me. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

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    Sarah –

    I was wondering how long it took your hip to clear up? Besides the pain in my groin I do have that same pain on the outside of my hip, that little bump, and similar symptoms, as far as not feeling it when I run but paying for it afterwards.

    Also are you currently running?


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    Unfortunately I have had every test known to man. It has been a very long one year, 1 month, and 3 days (but who is counting). I had steriod shots in both hip bursas. One cleared up, the other continued to hurt. I had a diagnostic injection into the hip joint, through my groin, with no luck. My doctor thinks that because of the pain and pinching in my groin that I have some sort of labral tear in my hip. I am scheduled to meet with a hip surgeon who specialized in arthroscopy in October.

    I have often thought that my IT band is inflammed also but one thing my sports doc has told me is that it could be, because this area is so complex and trouble hard to diagnose, a combination of things all working to cause pain. But he is convinced that the main problem is in the labrum.

    Thanks for your posts.


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    Have you ever been checked for psoas bursitis ? I have trochantric bursitis in both hips (though it feels like only one – the right one) but on the right side I also have some groin pain – worried it was the appendix. Anyway, a sports doc moved me around and figured it was the psoas, apparently there is a bursa there too. It is about half way between my hip bone and my belly button but a little lower. I haven’t done anything yet but they recommended a cortisone shot – but it has to be done in the xray department so they can go around the muscle (eww – that’s why I have put it off but it ain’t getting better). Let us know what you find out!


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    Firstly where exactly is “right below the bursa and near the greater trochanter”?

    I had problems with my hip for a long time, I think over a year, where if I jogged a short distance it would be fine, but an hour or so later I’d get up to walk and my hip would hurt! The pain was coming from my hip bone. If you put your hand on your hip, then go down the side of it, it goes in, and you should feel a ridge slightly round to the front where you can press upwards almost, againt the “Inside” of this ridge!
    Is that where it hurts?

    I was told it was to do with my IT band.

    And nothing seemed to help or ease it. I couldn’t even jog 30 seconds to the local shops in the end. But somehow it cleared itself up!



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