Hit by motorcycle as pedestrian HELP!

Two weeks ago Saturday, while standing on a curb next to our bikes, I was struck by an out of control motorcycle. Ended up in ER with no pulse in right foot. Huge bruise, taking up all but the outer edge of right thigh from hip to knee. Black. Dr’s worried that I ruptered an artery, so did an angiogram. Results were good. Made me stay the night at hospital. Went home Sunday AM with pain pills. Monday – went to primary care physician and was sent for x rays. Results again good. Nothing broken. Question is – bruising is almost gone where it originally was, but now it is creeping down the back of my knee. Today is day 17 since the accident. I have a HUGE (as big as my palm) size rock-like bump in my inner right thigh right where I was hit the hardest. Very painful unless I am sitting and resting or laying flat on back. It does not seem to be getting any smaller – and I would like to know what it is exactly… also, cannot bend knee any further than 90 degrees and cannot straighten it out all the way at all. 80% of the time it is numb from the knee down. Numb like sleeping numb. Now – I have gone to see 2 Dr.’s in the last 17 days, and have an appt. with an orth. surgeon next Wednesday. That was the earliest I could get in. I am nervous about what is wrong exactly, but nobody else seems to take notice (my Dr.’s). I pretty much got told “go home – it will go away”. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong????? And before anyone asks, yes, I DO have a lawyer. Will someone please write to me and let me know anything??? Thank you in advance. I have pics to email of injury the day after it happened if anyone would like to see them in order to help out. Thanks again.

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    This one caught my eye as I am a motorcyclist in the UK. Anyway…

    I persoanlly have little confidence in anybody in the medical profession, but I have to agree that perhaps its just a dasty bruise that needs time to heal. Two weeks seems a long time but its not really. I had a soft tissue injury a while back and its taken nine weeks to heal to the point where I can walk whenever whereever without worrying about it. I had an accident on my motorcycle about three years ago and hit my left knee at 30mph against the front wing of a car. The bodywork of the car took much of the impact and was left with a large depression, but still the whole knee went black – just as your leg did. Indeed, gravity seemed to take a toll and the bruise spread down to the shin. It was over a month before I could bend the knee without pain and another couple of months before full range of motion was returned. Since then I’ve run a marathon so things do heal. Its all a matter of time.

    However of course, there is always the worry that you may have damaged underlying structures. You’re lucky that is America as the tests you have already had, you would probably wait six or more months for on the NHS. Indeed, I know for a fact that to see an Orth. surgeon would be a six month wait as my mother is in the process of knee replacement surgery.

    Anyway, I don’t suppose I have really helped you much. Overall, all I can suggest is RICE (Rest, Ice, Elevation, Compression).

    All the best, and let us know how things go.

    Cheers, Ace.


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