hit my finger on a handle

i hit my finger at the top joint of my middle finger four days ago. I am able to move it, but it is sore. it hurts when I touch the area it hit. when that area touched the steering wheel of my car with the vibration, it sent pain down the side of my hand.the finger is swallon, but there is no visible bruising. I have used ice, and ibruprphen, but the swelling will not go down. any idea as to what I may have done? any idea what else to do. I did use a popsicle stik to use as a splint to try and help, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I can touch the underside of my finger without pain. but the finger does seem to be bent to the one side more then what it was.

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    Yeah, you probably jammed your finger. I’ve done that before and it never really heals, but the pain should eventually go away if that’s what happened. Someone gave me advice to go get it x-rayed and maybe those people can do something about it.


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