Horrible chiropractic injury after back surgery

In Jan. of 2017 I had a fusion of my L5 and S1. My lower back healed from the surgery, however I was left with my left leg shorter than my right. Of course, my legs were still the same size, but the way my body was altered, my left leg was made shorter. I went to see a Chiropractor almost a year ago to see what he could do to help me. He did an adjustment on me, and miraculously my legs were even, and my body felt, for the first time in almost 3 years, aligned!! Of course he had me come back the next day for another adjustment. This went on for about 3 more adjustments. What happened essentially was that my right leg became a tad bit shorter after the latter adjustments, and my right hip become rotated inwards. This has caused the whole right side of my upper body to twist outward, and is VERY miserable, and painful to sit. I feel the pull from my face/neck down to my hip area. I tried ROLFing, physical therpay, stretching, exercise… nothing will get my body at least back to where it was pre chiropractor. I even tried a 2nd chiropractor and his adjustments did nothing. Absolutely nothing.Any ideas on what to do? I am very much in pain.

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Gamgrel,Any time you have a surgical procedure you permanently alter your body’s structure and it can be difficult to correct spinal problems. I would suggest you consult your 1st chiropractor again and give him more time to tray to help you. Please fell free to visit us online . You can find many articles about your health. Kind regards Dr Anthony Gambale Curve Solutions Team 877-602-7248


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