How do I recover from plantar fasciitis fast!

I’ve had plantar fasciitis for about a month and its finally getting better with treatment. I’m able to walk with no pain and doing some LIGHT running. I’m a shotputter in track and field and I need to be doing explosive workouts such as jumping, olympic lifting, etc. I’m training to go to the Olympic trials and this is my last season. I know that plantar fasciitis takes months to completely heal and I’m wondering if I can do anything to start training with minimal risk of injury?? I have another 3 to 4 weeks of down time before seriously competing. Though like any olympic hopeful, I need to peak by late July to achieve my dream.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I wish the answer was simple, but I am sure you are aware there are many treatment options for plantar fasciitis. What works on one person may not on another. What is difficult to determine is the degree of inflammation present. One’s level of activity will have a significant bearing on the length of time it takes to improve. Have you been fitted with custom orthotics? This might be a useful adjunct in your recovery. Good luck achieving your goals. Do you have access to a physical therapist who can possibly try ultrasound, electrical stim etc.?


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