How long does it take for a shattered heel to recover?

My name is AShley and I’m a 22 year old college student and on October the 14th I was in a car accident where another car ran me off the road and my car hit a tree.
I was lucky that the only injuries that I recieved was a broken femur and partially shattered heel.
Although the injuries aren’t really that minor, it still could have been worse.
I was operated on the very next day, and now I have a metal rod in my thigh and six or seven pins in my heel.
My femur has healed quite fast and very nicley, I am just waiting for my heel now to do the same.
I’ve read about other people who also have a shattered heel, and I see that they are in a lot of pain, but I have not noticed any real pain in my heel.
My foot looks pretty normal, except for the heel area is still swollen, but everyday it looks better.
My question is how long does it take for the heel to recover?
Like when should I expect to be able to put pressure on it agian?
I have a doctor’s appointment the 8th of December and I am in hopes that he will tell me that I can start putting pressure down.
I know it will take a long time for it to actually get back to 100% or even just 90%, but will I be able to put pressure on it soon?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The doctor who treats you can tell from examining you and looking at the x-rays how you are healing. There is no “alway” answer to your question. There are variables such as age, health, weight, activity, and type of injury.
    As long as you are making good progree, continue to be optomistic, you’ll get there, just not as quickly as you’d like,
    Good luck.


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