how to increase height

sir, I am 17 year old. my height is 5.6 feet. sir I want to increase my height 4 inches more. what should I do to increase my height by natural way. I have one more problem that is money problem. I don’t have much money to pur. the product. Told me, how can I overcome to this problem.

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    I have never heard of anyone increasing their height by 4 inches. If that was possible, there would be no need for platform shoes.However, you were created at a certain height for a reason… time will tell. Love your self where you are at, and work from there. You may see that there is much more than a 5’6″ man inside of you. The height of a man is measured in his character, not if he can reach the top shelf. A tall man may be able to see over the heads of many, but he may not be able to see into the hearts of anyone. Trust me, when I meet a man of tall character, I never notice who is looking up at whom. In the mean time, buy a great pair of thick soled shoes, dark blue jeans with slight fade on the upper thigh (NO PLEATS), a bright colored or black zip-up with a strip from shoulder to sleeve cuff. All of this while standing up straight with a health does of “get a load of me”, will take you 4 inches and beyond!Good Luck!


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