How to tape a thumb?

my son had an injury to his thumb where he bent it back too far when wrestling. it wasnot broken , no bruising or swelling but he still is complaining it hurts to extend it away laterally ( as if you were putting your hand in a baseball mit) needless to say he has a bike raceing event he really wants to compete in and i know you can tape it to give it more support. can anyone tell me what the configuration is or is there a site where you can go to see taping techiniques for fingers? he just got over a broken pinkey and had that taped ( hairline) for a few weeks. i am a medical professional but orthopedics is not my specialty. want him to be able to hold onto handle bar grips.

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    I’ll try and explain how to tape a thumb as best I can without pictures….

    1. Using athletic tape, begin by placing the end of the tape on the top of the hand near the wrist horozontally.

    2. Bring the tape around the inside of the thumb joint.

    3. Pull the tape around underneath the thumb joint to the outside of the joint.

    4. Pull the tape up horizontally over the wrist until it lays on top of the tape already there.

    5. Rip the tape and repeat 3-4 times.

    Hope this helps!



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