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I have a hurt arm and don’t know what I should do about it. I am 14 am about 5 3 and weigh bout 105 lbs. I lift weights and run and do everything I can do to stay as fit as possible. I warm-up, but it never helps with the pain. I am also pretty sure I am throwing over the top When I throw my arm suffers pain in the shoulder and in the elbow. The pain in the shoulder feels like it is where the bones connect, as with the elbow. Whenever I move either joint I can hear the bones moving over each other they make a squeaky noise. And whenever I move my shoulder a certain way it also pops. I would like to know what you think is the problem is and what you would think I should do about it. I don’t know if I am putting myself at a risk by throwing. Thank you.

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    I am no expert but I have raised 3 sons who played a lot of baseball, 2 of them pitchers. You should talk to a sports doctor or sports trainer. The kind of pain you are talking about it not good especially at your age. Your growth plates probably haven’t closed yet compounding the problem. I don’t know if you pitch or not but somebody (your coach or parents) should be watching your pitch count. My personal opinion is 50-60 pitches/game is all a 14 year old should be throwing. Even if you are throwing a no hitter and have 1 more inning to go you should come out soon after reaching your pitch count. Also if you throw a curve or slider and insist on using it, throw it early to let them know you have it then put it away. Any sign of pain and you should call it a day. Use Ice and motrin and rest a few days if the pain continues see a doctor. Save that arm you are too young to risk damage to those growth plates.


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