hurt finger, knuckle

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About six months ago, I was rock climbing indoors.
I reached for a hold with my right hand quickly and smashed into another hold.
The impact hit the outsid eof my hand on the the pinkie knuckle.
I used to have a lot of pain.
It would be very painful if someone or something would barely hit it.
It has been feeling fine for about a month.
However, I went to a kickboxing lesson last night and it still hurts.
It is the same pain around the knuckle on my pinkie, like when you make a fist.
What is wrong?


    Marianne Ryan, PT

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    Not sure why your finger hurts. At first I thought you may have localized ulnar nerve entrapmet, but since the pain returned I would recomend you see a hand specilist in person.


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    dear marianne….. I had a massage and a few hours after the masseur pulled on the fingers I had swelling and pain of the knuckle.. I have used ice on it for a week and although a little better, there is now some pain still in the knuckle….will this start to subside or can I use heat or something else? many thanks for your imput……joe


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