Hurt my knee

Hi all,

I was playing basketball last night and felt like I ‘twisted’ my knee. I’ve have plenty of anky injuries but never hurt my knee. I continued to play but was pretty sore afterwards.
It wasn’t until I slowed down at home that it realy started to be quite painful. The pain is located in the back on my knee, maybe feels like a muscle. I can’t walk on it properly and can’t straighten it or walk on it without pointing my foot out and applying light pressure. Strange thing is there is no swelling at all but if I try to straighten my leg or walk on it it is extremely painful. If I push it the pain radiates into the front a little too…

not sure what this is and I don’t really want to have to vistit the doc if I don’t need to??


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    I don’t know what your knee problem could be but if you really don’t want to go to the doctor you could first rest, ice,compress and elevate (above heart level)your knee. If the pain is still there and not improving by very much one week later I would see a doctor.
    Hope this helps.


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