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My 15-yr-old daughter was tumbling and completed a front handspring front fly front punch and heard nher right elbow “pop”. Her coach thinks she hyper extended her elbow. 6 days later it’s still not swollen or bruised, just a little tender. Is there any therapy/treatment for this other than resting the elbow, with no weight-bearing activity?


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    I think you should ask your doc for a PT script. It’s so hard to give any advice such as you’re asking without seeing the elbow, strenght, movement, etc.


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    Something very similar happend to me. I was just doing a BHS and I hyperextended my elbow. Now, a little over a month later, it’s nearly all better. I used Therabands to get the strength back and stretched it regularly. It’s important to get the strength and flexiblility back, but it’s equally important to not push too hard and just make it worse. Find a happy median, and it’ll rush you to recovery. I also suggest not keeping it in a sling all day, make sure you stetch out the stiffness. You may not realize it, but it doesnt help much at all if you don’t flex it a bit. I really hope that helped!!


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