Hyper Extended Elbow + Vein damage

Hey all, about the end of August last year I tripped and tried to catch myself, landed on my left arm extended and my elbow instantly hurt.
My arm swelled up 2x+ normal size and the whole thing was blotchy / bruised.
I went to the doctors and they said I had a broken elbow.
I then went to the Bone doc, and they couldn’t find a pulse in my arm, sent me back to ER where I was told one of my arteries are damaged, but because there was so much blood in my arm, they couldn’t exactly find out the extent of the damage. I then was pushed from doc to doc without really knowing what was going on besides waiting. About a month to 2 months later, I went back for my ultra sound and was told that my ulnar or radial vein was blocked and not to worry because it was not needed… (He then explained to me about bypass surgeries now days with taking that vein out to use for the heart without negative effects) I felt that kind of odd, but who am I to know about that. After this both doctors told me everything is fine, it should all heal up well.
Went back again a little bit later because of pain and my arm falling asleep.
Then I was told its going to be a chronic pain due to severe muscle and tissue damage, and that I have damaged a ligament.I’ve went to physical therapy, and they said they’ve done all they can do.
I think I have about 165/180 extended arm, and a little bit more than normal for flexxing inwards.
Its been a little over half a year now, and this affects me every day, all day.
My arm or half of it will fall asleep, my hand or bottom 2 fingers will fall asleep.
I cannot extended my arm fully, nor straighten it correctly.
I am a construction worker and this affects me severely.
I can’t swing a bat with my kids, catch a ball correctly, working out, reaching for certain items, or many normal daily activities. Can anyone please give me some advice to what I can do to help rehab my arm, or anything I can do to help the pain.
Thank you for your timeChad

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    man I’m so sorry to read thisive had 5 surgeries on my right leg.from one skateboarding accident I tore my acl,lcl,dislocated my knee, and damaged the nerve that allowed me to pull my foot up at the ankleive been on crutches for over 6 months of my life. I’m actually on them now because last month I slipped on the snow and broke my ankle and had to have my fifth surgeryit sensored and I feel ur painthe only thing u can do is go to a pain clinic/ pain doc and tells them it keeps getting worse and worse,it will take a while but eventually u will get the medicine to take the pain awaythe rule of thumb with them is tell them it hurts more than it really does because they prescribe pain meds lightly but anyways I wish u the best of luck theres not really anything else u can do besides get rid of the pain just like I do, u have permanent damageoh and btw if u r low on cash and have extra medsthey go for a very nice priceif u want some pricing guidelines just askand go ahead and reply to this emailtell me what u thinktake care manoh and just so u know I’m only 19 I had the skateboarding accident when I was 16


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