Hyper extending elbow.

Well, I have always known I have hyper extending elbows (both of them) but, I’ve been a gymnast since I was about 7 and about a year and a half ago my gym closed because my coach moved. When I used to tumble it never ever bothered me. But, recently I went to a new gym to try it out and see if I like it. When, I was tumbling my elbow hyper extended like it always does when I lock my arms but it killed!! It’s been 5 days since that practice and my arm still KILLS! I can barely put any weight on it and I tried doing a back handspring and my left arm just completely gave out. Is there anyhting I can do to prevent this from happening of help the pain I currently have? anything will help

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    I think I have a hyper extending elbow but it doesn’t bother me much. I don’t do much sports or anything excpet basketball so my hyper extending elbows don’t cause me much grief. I hope my elbows don’t cause me much pain in the future. My hyper extending elbows are entertainment for my 5 kids. I play on a professional basketball team so my hyper extending elbows might act up but I hope they won’t any time soon or in the future. Thank You for reading this article from me. I hope you consider me having something or a cast for my hyper extending elbows. Thank You! Sincerely, Kelly Naharak (Mrs. Naharak)


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