hyperextended elbows

Both of my elbows are hyperextended and I shoot archery a lot.
I have that problem too with my elbows and bones cracking.
I hear it and feel it when ever I move my arm.
They hurt really bad.
Is there anything I can do????

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    Hello Emily,I’ve just seen your post and I wonder whether you have a hypermobility syndrome. Both I and my daughter (14) have that. It affects some or many joints, but one of the joints mostly involved is the elbow. The ligaments are not as tight as they should be. There is no basic therapy for it, but you should make sure you are not overusing the joint. Maybe you put too much load and strain on when doing archery (not too much in general, but just for your joints!).If you hear cracking noises – this is also typical for hypermobile joints.My daughter has problems with her sacroiliac joints, they crack a lot and cause much pain, so she had to give up doing acrobatics. Sorry, I’ve to go now, maybe we talk again.Perhaps this page might be interesting for you:sensored://


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