hyperextended knee

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I stepped in a small hole on 4/22, am 45 yrs old. I have been off work 3 1/2 wks. All tests were negative for tears (MRI, US). I have arthritis under my knee caps. I have a continued VERY full feeling in that knee (ant & post), weakness, difficulty walking up & down steps, pain post & ant. I keep icing it but see little change, what can I do to heal this????….any advice?

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    While playing softball I landed wrong while trying to throw the ball. The doctor said it was just hyperextended and I need to excersise my knee. Can you give me some ideas on to exersise and strengthen my knee?


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    Hi, I hyperextended my knee in my self defense class while kicking. Initially I was able to walk and move around during the class and before I went to bed. When I tried walking this morning, I experienced difficulty, my knee would often give out on me. I am experiencing no pain, I just can’t walk normal without my knee giving out on me. I have to put pressure on my toes and keep my heel raise in order to move around. I don’t think my injury is bad, but I would like to know. What can I do to heal my knee?


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