hyperextended knee

My daughter hyperextended her knee (again) on the hockey field. How long should she stay off it? She is wearing an air cast, icing often and taking aleve. Anything else she should be doing. Oh, yes and she’s walking with crutched.

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    Hi… When did this happen? Is she taking that cast of periodically and bending the knee and performing quad sets? Since she has had repeated hyperextension injuries she may require to wear a knee brace when she plays, one that prevents hyperextension. I think it would be advantagous to get her to a PT to assess her over muscle strength and see if there is some sort of muscle imbalance that is causing her to repeatedly have that sort of injury.You need to ask your doctor how long she needs to stay off it…didn’t he/she give you any instructions regarding that? Good luck. Mya PT


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