hyperextended side of knee

I was playing indoor soccer last sunday and I slipped when I tried to cut to my right side and pulled my right leg. It happened when I planted my right leg to cut, and I slipped and fell down. When I try to bend my leg now there is pain on the side/behind my knee. Is this a hyperextended? Sorry for the long message. Thanks.
Brad Oceanside, CA

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    I have an hyperextended knee, diagnosed by the physical therapist at a basketball game where it was injured. I ice it twice a day, keep it elevated when possible and I take some Tylenol when pain persists. Are there any other things I can do to help the soreness and swelling and get back to playing basketball? I do walk around at times or should I stay off it as much as possible? I also drive my car. I try to keep active so it won’t stiffen. Are there any other precautions or theraputic insights. Thank you


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