hyperinversion injury

6 days ago I let my foot slip off of my platform sandles. My foot hyperinverted and I felt something snap in my foot. A lump that appears to be over the cuboid bone came up in just seconds. Within 15 minutes I was in severe pain and could not walk. I elevated and iced for 12 plus hours and the pain got worse overnight, then slowly improved the next day. Bruising was not evident until the next day and is now very noticable from the right lateral side of the right foot down to the base of the last three toes. The funny thing is the worst of the bruising is not in the area of pain but distal of that area near the toes. There is still discomort in walking, a constant dull ache and the lump is still there. I have an appoitment in 2 days to see my doctor about this. What do you think?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    1. I think it is a good idea you have an appointment soon.2. You might have a fracture and/or a ligamentous strain or rupture.3. You should limit your activity and possibly use crutches until you know more


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