I don't know what its called but it hurts!

I am a 35 year old soccer player. I have had this injury for about 1 month now and it occurred during a game, other than that I don’t know how it happened. It’s a sharp pain in the area that is between my groin & penis that feels like something is torn or strained. I’ve tried rest and it still hurts, especially at night when I lie down. What is this area called? Its not on the virtual therapist. I hate going to the doctor for every nagging injury.

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    Depending on the mechanism of injury, you may have injured your inguinal ligament, or you may have developed a hernia of some sort (eg Gilmore’s Groin). It is also possible you have torn some soft tissue in the adductor area or pubic area such as adominal tissues. What ever the case, see your doctor for diagnosis and/or referral. Some of these injuries can be dealt with by a physical therapist, others require surgery. If it hasn’t improved over the month, you are either re-injuring the area because of insufficent rest, or there is some other complication. Hope you sort it out


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