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I was wrestling the other day and was hit with a baseball bat in the leg while on a ladder. This resulted in me falling off and injuring both my knee and head. I feel I need some medical attention but I am not sure what they will do about it. Wrestling is my life and if they say I can’t wrestle for the next few weeks my life will be worthless. Please give me some advice so I can treat myself. Thanks
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    I forgot to mention, you said that you didn’t want to seek profesional advise.
    But often with an injury it’s the scar tissue that causes long term problems. It’s not as flexible as normal tissue and so pulls and is painfull.

    A Physio can break down scar tissue making it more softer and more pliable, stopping the injury from being trouble some in the future.

    Go see someone, remember they only want to help and any advise they give you, is in your own best interests, even when they say rest it! They do know what they doing!!!! You don’t!


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    Don’t worry about the next few weeks, it’s the rest of your life that’s important!!!!

    It will not kill you to have a few weeks off, or even a couple of months. But if you don’t rest an injury, you will be creating much more long term problems that could affect your wrestling for the rest of your life!!!!

    If someone told you:-
    1. You could carry on wrestling for another year and then that would be it. No more wrestling.

    2. Have a couple of months off now and continue wrestling for many many years.

    Which would you choose?

    You only have one body, if you want to continue doing sports for as long as your age will let you, you have to take care of it!!!

    If it’s any consilation my life is martial arts and I have had a long stream of injuries over the last two years in which I have only managed a few months training in that time!!!! It’s not the end of the world (feels like it!) but I have to concentrate on doing the best for my body so I can get myself fit again so I can continue into old age!!

    Also, if you injure something once, you should make a full recovery. If you do the same thing again, it may never be quite right. If you don’t let it heal you will be doing so much damage!!
    LET IT HEAL!!!!



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