I think its jumper’s knee

Hi,I’ve had this knee problem on and off since last 6 months, it keeps coming back. The symptoms are similiar to jumper’s knee and I have even developed a scar tissue at the bottom of the knee. I am a bodybuilder and used to do heavy squats, also I am a martial artist. I guess overuse in squats or lot of jerky jumping movements in martial arts training may have caused the condition. At this point of time it is interfering with my daily activities and I can no longer jog, jump, etc. I still do a very light thigh workout involving light half squats, hamstring curls and calf raises. What do you suggest I do? I am mostly away from home and so could not see my bone doc for the last 4 months.
He had suggested rest and half squats 4 months back. I will be seeing the doc next weekend. Any advice and things I can specifically suggest the doc to do.

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    I am a a basketball player and for several months my right kneecap and just below it is a stinging pain during or after activity. Also my heel hurt as well. Do you think my knee pain is stemming from my heel pain. What should I do?


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