Ice Hockey Knee Injury Rehab Going Slowly — Medial Meniscus Tear


I hope someone can help me out with my rehab of my right knee:

The Problem:

(1) Injured right knee on 4-14-2004 playing ice hockey. Injury occured when a player fell into my knee going approximately 25 mph.

(2) Had MRI on 4-30-2004… Below are the results:

” No tear is detected in the collateral, anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate or infrapatellar ligaments. There is an overt tear in the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. No definite lateral meniscal tear is apparent, and there is no meniscal cyst.

1. Osteochondral defect, distal femoral condyle.
2. Bone contusions, mostevident in the lateral femoral condyle.
3. Tear, posterior horn, medial meniscus.
4.Moderately large joint effusion.
5. 3cm popliteal cyst.

SURGERY 5-26-2004:
Torn portion of medial meniscus tear trimmed out. Scar tissue removed from under patellar. Anterior cruciate injured but stable.

PHYSICAL THERAPY 7-19-2004 to 11-11-2004:
Summary: Execised legs 3 times per week 1st two months… increased to 6 times per week for past two months. Sessions included 10 minutes eliptical trainer, 30 leg curls, 30 leg presses… lying on back… pushing weight out. 30 knee bends…squats, Walking up stairs backwards, standing on one leg on foam cusion playing catch with a ball… etc, etc.

I still can’t get my leg completely straight… I just started doing leg extention exercises… the kicking out motion of the leg with weights. It hurts to completely straighten my leg.. and to come out of that condition.

Are there any further exercises that I can do to help?

Please help… I want to return to the Ice ASAP

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