ileocecal valve

My valve has been stuck open and has had a hard time healing. I aggravated it about 2 months ago with lots of caffeine, salads, and nuts. Now I am having severe digestive distress, adrenal wekaness, extreme fatigue, pale face, intense deep belching, general sick feeling, brainfog, depression, lower right side pain. I cannot get to my chiro who is 3 hours away. When adjusts L1 it seems to fix me right back up again. How can I self adjust this or have someone do this for me?
I am on lots of supplements from Standard Process. I also do valve massage.

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Jenny,Please visit our web site . You can find our home device develop by a chiropractor that works your full spine. This product could help with your situation. Kind regardsDr Anthony Gambale 877-602-7248 toll free


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