iliotibial band problem??

I am experiencing discomfort in one leg on the outside of the leg just below the knee. It is when I’m walking, especially turning a corner or negotiating stair steps that the lower part of my leg seems to lose it a little causing a bit of a snap (almost like a little shock) at that point (just below the knee). Is this an iliotibial band problem? If so, how is it treated? If not, any ideas.This is kind of frustrating because the problem seems to come and go without much predictability.

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    I have about the same problem. I have problems when I play too much tennis. I can ride a bike and it seems to help. I rested it for 2 weeks and it seems like my knee got better and now I am gradually getting back to playing a little tennis but it is still there. I can be just walking and if I twist wrong it will pop a little right to the outside bottom and a little back of my knee.


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