im 14 and i have a siatic nerve problem

Hi My name is Jackie and I’m 14 yrs.old. Ever since I was about 1 or 2 I would have shinsplints. Running made my legs hurt and I would wake up crying at night.Later on in life(about age 5) my knees began to bother me. Sometimes Iwouldnt be able to walk for a day or two and I would always be limping off and on. I told my parents butthey didn’t believe me. They would say it was growing pains. In a track meet in seventh grade I was running the 800 and a shooting pain went through my knee. I dropped to the ground and was unable to get back upwithout help. My parents finally realized somethingwas wrong but they still didn’t take me to a doctor.This year my lower back started hurting out of nowhereright before basketball practice. After awhile the paingot so bad that I was put in bed for days and couldnt walk or hardly move. This happened to me 2 or 3 times andI would put a large ice pack on. I wouldnt quit sports. I finally went to a chiropractor (Dr.Romm) at first hethought it was hip displacement. Then (after several weeks and no progress) he determined that it was my siatic nerve. He seemed to be getting very frusterated sinceI had been getting adjusted for several months and therewas no progress. He said he was surprised I could runand do the things I did. He also asked if I had ever been able to run without pain and I told him No I had always assumed it was part of the deal. It is nownear July and I am still having the same pain I’ve been having. My knees hurt off and on throughout the daysometimes I’m limping and sometimes I’m not. My back is almost always a continuous pain or uncomfortableness.Sometimes I can’t walk without my hips hurting. The tops of my legs and shins hurt occasionally too. Sincemy chiropractor hasn’t been helping much I would like toknow what I should do. I would like as much informationas I can get to understand my problem as . I dontwant to have another siatic attack. Being stuck in bed isno fun and I’m really a busy person I can’t afford to behandicapped! lol. Standing or Sitting is now a pain and I have to endure it every day. Please I need help.My dad has the same problem and he can no longer run. I’ve heard that if its bad enough it can prevent you from walking. Please help me!!Thank you for your timeJackie

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    Hello! I am a 24 year old. And I think I have a siatic nerve. I have been trying to find out what a siatic nerve realy is. I have been having problems in my lower right back. I get these sharp pains that go all the way down to my right leg. Is this a siatic nerve?


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