Im seeing a chiropractor…

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On a daily basis for a bulging disc, pinched nerve and certain muscle damage. I have set up a 6 month program with him. But, meanwhile I’m in PAIN. I haven’t gone to a regular dr yet. I don’t want to offend my chiropractor by going and seeing a regular dr for pain management…can I get a copy of my chiro records and take them to my regular doctor so I can get prescribed something? Please help!



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    Do I understand you correctly? You are seeing a chiro daily and have a 6-month program set up. If this is the case, then you are being taken advantage of by the chiropractor. Do not worry about offending him/her. Stop going there. Go see a regular doctor who will probably prescribe some pain medicine and send you to see a physical therapist. Good luck.


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      I don’t recall her saying she is going to the chiropractor daily for six months. I would imagine she is going daily during this acute phase (not unheard of) and then treatments will decrease ofter that. If that is not the case, then I agree something is not right. Forget the physical therapy, don’t waste your time. Get medication for your pain and continue chiropractic care. You won’t need the chiropractors note to go see a medical doctor for medication.


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