Incorrect Bicep size

I was born a skinny kid, actually very healthy according to the doctos then. Lately I have been training my muscles to grow and I’ve noticed both my biceps are missing, about 25% missing. There is nothing there. I notice I have 3/4 of my muscle but the rest was never existant. Like I said from the back part of the bicep to about 3/4 of the way nothing is there. When I flex my arm it looks like its half gone. I just wanna know if its possible to place what was never there and how much something like that would cost. I’m a very jealous person and I see other men with gigantic biceps…Its not fair…Help please-Eric

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    May PT

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    Life is not fair. I for one, would love to have larger calves, but genetically it’s virtually impossible for them to grow, even with intense work outs. It’s just your genetic makeup. If it really bothers you to the point of mental distress maybe you could get bicep implants, they do it for pecs and calves. Or you could just be happy with what God gave you. Many people have much less. Mya


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