Inevitable Ankle Surgery

Hi! This is Stephanie from the “pain in the ankle” post.
I added to the original post, but don’t know how far you look back at them.
Anyways. . . a quick update. . . I went to the DPM yesterday.
She said I will most definitely have to have surgery because the medial malleolus is just kind of floating there with small fragments around it and it is far to separated to heal on it’s own.
She also said she doesn’t typically fix that kind of injury and would send me to an ortho to get it fixed and the ortho I have is good so I should be fine.
I go and see him monday and I suppose we will schedule surgery then.
woo-hoo. . . I can hardly wait to be in another cast for however many weeks. . . or do will they actually put me in another cast, or send me straight to PT? Thanks again

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without seeing your ankle and the x-rays I can can not state specifics. If you are going to have arthroscopic surgery, more than likely they will put you in a removable cast boot. Physical therapy is also lokely afterward. If you have to have more radical (open) surgery, then it is likely a cast will be used. The best answers should come from your surgeon though. Good luck.


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