infection following toenail removal

I had both big toenails removed nearly 8 weeks ago due to re-occuring infected ingrown toenails.
I was on Cephalaxin 500 mg several days before surgery and 10 days following surgery.
I developed infection in both nails about 4 weeks following the procedure.
I was put on Augmentin 500 mg for 10 days, the doctor had be soaking twice a day for 10 minutes then changed to saline solution followed by dry gauze.
I have ben on Augmentin 875 mg now for 9 days and still have alot of redness, drainage, and pain. I haven’t been able to wear shoes or walk properly since the procedure.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks, Cindy

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There are several considerations here, and of course without an examination, this is mere speculation. There are many variables to consider- such as are you a smoker? What is your helath like? What type of shoes are you wearing? etc. I would consider an X-ray, to see if there is any underlying bone abnormality. I would also check the circulation. Remember this is just guessing.


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