Inflamed Middle Toe

Hi:I am a 47 year old athletic male.
About a week ago after playing tennis, my middle toe (left foot) gradually became swollen and painfully sore.
I have not been able to put significant pressure on it since and around its end and adjacent to the nail it appears yellowish white with an area of purple.
It almost appears as if the skin has separated from the flesh below.
I have looked into gout, but believe that to be unlikely.
Could this be a reaction to excessive compression and/or friction from quick stops and starts?Please provide your opinion.
Thank you!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    You probably should see a podiatrist. From your description, you might have a fracture or a hematome under the nail. I have seen this in tennis players, especially those who play on concrete.


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