Inflammed toes

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I am curious if anyone knows what I have on my toes.
I DO NOT have ingrown toe nails…
I DO NOT have ill fitting shoes… BUT I have been developing red sores (not open sores, not bleeding) just very red which turn purple sores on my toes which feel like a burn if placed in water.
They are always at the tip of my toes, they are always sore, always red turning to purple then leaving behind skin which seems thinner like your lips skin.
They are not bleeding, but appear blood like under the skin. They do not look like blood blisters though and are not blisters that are fluid filled… This is the strangest thing I have ever saw. I have them on one foot then they heal completely and then I will develop them on the other foot and sometimes on both.
They do even hurt to have the blankets on the bed touch them.
I hope someone can shed some light on this!


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You may have a vascular problem. You should start with your internist.


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    I have the same thing going on. I had it about 2 years ago and about 15 years ago. It eventually went away. I have been to specialists that said they didn’t know what caused it. I think maybe diet but can’t figure out what.
    If you find out please let me know, as mine has re-appeared today.


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