ingrown toenails

For a while now I’ve been having some pain around my big toes’ toenails.
I play three highschool sports and it can bother me sometimes during footwork.
I was informed it could be ingrown toenails.
I did some research and found that I’m cutting my toenails wrong.
I read that the toenail is ingrown when it actually breaks the skin.
Mine haven’t actually broken the skin, they have just caused irritation.
Is this serious?
What can I do?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There are many variables here. If the posterior tibial tendon is going to be rerouted or reattached, then I would not allow weight bearing for at least 6 weeks. If the tendon is not involved, I would allowed guarded weight bearing with crutches. There is no simple cookie cuuter answer to this. You doctor can answer this best.


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    I have recently had my accessory navicular removed from my right foot, mostly because of the pain while running in sports. It has now been 6 weeks since the surgery. What can I do to get fully active in competetive soccer again?


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