injured ankle

I turned my ankle over a couple of days ago and heard a huge pop when I did so. The pain was very excruciating at the time, but subsided. No swelling at first, but that night I had a goose egg on the outer part of my ankle. Its been 2 days and I have hardly on pain now, but my whole ankle is swollen. By that I mean its all the way around. There is no bruising either. I only have pain if I try to move my foot in the same direction as the way I turned it over. Should I get it seen about or do you think its just a sprain. Thanks!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am always concerned when someone thinks that a sprain is nothing to be concerned about. I consider it as improtant as a fracture. If the ligaments are torn and do not heal properly, there will be problems later on. I recommend you have this seen about ASAP.


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