injury to tripple archodisis foot

Hello Dr. Abrams,Can you explain to me what may have, or could have happened here please?47 and 45 years ago I had polio corrective surgery on both feet.
three bones fused together on each foot.
‘Tripple Archodisis’, not quite sure of the correct spelling.
6 weeks ago, I had a fall where my right heal slid foreward and I flopped down on the heal of my left foot, flattening it out.
That foot had not been in that position for 45 years.
I always believed that it couldn’t.
I could not wear shoes any higher than 1/2 an inch, and could not point my toe out at all.
The bones were fused, so that there was extremely little flexibility in the left foot.
However when I fell on it, it did go completely flat, and in a ‘pointed toe’ position, because on the top of my foot, right in the angle, the skin was scraped off so much that it was four weeks before the skin had grown back.
My foot has not been able to stretch forward before, nor since.
I went to the emergency department of the hospital immediately, but my X-rays showed that there was no break or fracture, so no cast or immobilization was put on it.
I have not seen a podiatrist or orthopaedic doctor about it since.
Consequently I haave been walking on it since the swelling and bruising went away, which was pretty much for the first three weeks.
Now there is still some swelling that won’t go away, but the pain in my foot is pretty severe.
I went to my family doctor and she sent me for more x-rays.
These did not show any bread or fracture, but My question is this: Could it have been possible that either of the fusions that were done so many years ago, could have become unfused, therefore, not showing any injury on the X-ray?
Please, Dr. Abrams, What would you recommend I do at this point?
I don’t know where to turn.
The physio therapist told me not to walk on it.
I know that I need a cast, walking cast on it, but how do I go about getting one.
I think at this point that if the foot was motionless and unable to flex at all (the front joints) I mean, not the ankle.
The ankle joint is not injured.
only the joints that were fused are painful now.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    At this point, I would agree that you should remain on crutches and I would suggest a MRI.


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