Is it safe for me to Belly Dance?

I had an MRI done for severe back pain.
It shows Disc desiccation at L5-S1 and L4-5 with mild loss of dsc height at L5-S1. Disc protrusion at L5-S1 impinging on S1 nerve root. At L4-5, I have mild spinal canal stenosis and mild left neural formainal narrowing with no definitive impingement on a nerve.
I really love to Belly Dance for fitness.
My question is, Will belly dancing be beneficial or aggravating for my back? (It involves back, abdominal, hip, sensored, thigh, and arm strengthening, occasional twisting, with use of abdominal muscles, swiveling the hips.)I would LOVE some insight!!

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    Dr. Brian

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    What is your age? How long have you danced? How long have you had the disc dessication? To determine if dancing is safe, you need to find out what may have caused the disc dessication? If you are young, then the dancing or other labor-intensive job may have caused it. If you are older, then it may be due to age. If the dancing does not cause a worsening of pain, or did not aggravate in the past, then it may be safe. Exercise is still suggested with your objective findings. One area you have to be weary is the S1 nerve impingement. Extension, rotation, lifting, may all cause a sudden episode of pain if you move the wrong direction and aggravate the nerve. My suggestion for you is to perform core exercise strengthening on a daily basis. Focus on controlled, slow movement, and less on speed and weight. A gym ball would be great for you! Of course, before doing any of this, consult a doctor first. A chiropractor with experience working with sports patients or rehab would be best.


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