Is PT optimal for broken ankle rehab?

I broke my ankle 2 weeks ago (technically it was a clean break all the way through my tibia and fubula right above the ankle knot). I had a plate put on the outside bone with 4 screws holding it in place. Additionally, there is 1 screw on both the yibia and fibula that hold bone to bone. I’ve been told not to walk on it for a total of 6 weeks. After that my doctor plans to let me walk on it (possibly with a smaller boot), but does not plan on sending me to rehab because he isn’t a big fan of it. He thinks “your normal activity” is the best medicine. Is this optimal? I’m 27 and used to running 3miles a day and am very anxious to get back to that. Insurance is no problem- I could go without a prescription- would you reccomend that I go despite his preferences? Also, how soon can I expect to run again?

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    My mother broke her ankle 6 weeks ago while getting intomy brothers car.Cast was removed 2 days ago andshe has difficulty even standing.Other than PT would there be any suggestions.For instance: Getting some type of ankle bootand having her wear it and increase movement overthe course of weeks.


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