itching and redishness in feet

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hi Doc!
I have this problem for quite a number of days, please suggest something.Problem:- 1.) Itching between toes.
2.) redishness/little rash on the toes.
3.) broken skin in between toes/actually dead skin I peel it off.
4.) I believe its coz of I have to keep my shoes on for long time everyday.
Actually I am in japan for an assignment and don’t know what medicine should I take can u please suggest some cream/powder which I can get here?
Thanks and regards.mohit



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    you’ve basicallly got athlete’s foot, or so it it sounds like. Hard to diagnose without pics, but that’s what it sure sounds like, to me….. I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV, either…but from your symptoms, that’s SURELY what it sounds like. I have NO idea what you use for athlete’s foot in Japan, but you might to try what’s availble.your welcome, Jungle

    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    From what you describe, it sounds like Athlete’s Foot – a common term for a type of fungal infection. If your feet perspire a great deal and you wear shoes that do not have a least a leather upper, then you are a ta greater risk of having this. I do not know what medications are available in Japan, but, some common sense things to do are make sure your feet are clean and dry. You can use an antiperpirant on them (Mitchum is a decent over the counter product) Most antifungal sprays and powders are not that effective used alone. In the United States, Lamisil cream is an over the counter product now and is very effective against athlete’s foot infections. Use it twice a day for a minimum of 1 week and a max of 4 weeks. You might check a local pharmacy there and see what is available. Good luck.


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