itching (not fungal) feet & hands

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Very often I wake at night with intense itching in the soles of my feet, also tops of toes.
Regardless of wheather I scratch the itching eventually turns to burning and then goes away.
I have found this to occur in my hands some evenings along with my feet.
It may be three toes on each foot that itch at the same time, or just the outside edges of each foot, or maybe just my palms, or maybe just both thumbs.
In any case, itching happens in same area on each foot or hand simultaneously.
Any ideas would be helpful.
I am 35 y.o. female, non diabetic, healthy non smoker. Thanks!


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I will tell you that the surgery for a shortened metatarsal (or brachymetatarsia) is not a simple procedure. There would be considerable time and expense involved. I can not tell you what would need to be done exactly without seeing your foot and X-rays of it. As far as the 6th finger stump. You need to see a plastic surgeon who can suggest a revisional procedure for this. DO NOT TAKE MATTERS IN YOUR OWN HANDS.


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