itchy, swollen toes – should I get a second opinion?

Hello.For the past week toes on my right foot (2nd and 3rd) have been swollen and itchy.
When I wake in the morning it is the worst. they are red, tight, swollen, and very itchy. during the day once I get moving they feel a little better but are still swollen but are a normal color, which the exception of a sore itchy (not broken or ulcerated) patch on the side of the 2nd toe (next to the big toe), which seems swollen. they do not hurt to bend but are sore and very itchy. they get sore/itchy feeling when I squeeze on the joint. They feel better cold.
I did see a podiatrist who diagnosed it as a vascular problem and reaction to the cold weather – which seems plausible b/c I have bad circulation in my feet and sitting all day in a chilly office exacerbates it. However, i’ve read about psoratic arthritis and RA and I’m a little concerned.
Should I get a second opinion to rule this things out?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Certainly you can get another opinion. A rheumatologist is who you might consider.Some things I have used to help a Raynaud’s phenomenon include Pletal, warm wool socks, Diabetiderm (cream with L-arginine)


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