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Here’s the scoop. Background: I’m a horse trainer/riding instructor who enjoys running and other athletics on the side.
Problem: Two weeks ago, I wore my spur too tight on my left heel.
I was too busy to loosen it and wore it like that all day.
The spur rests on the heel of my boot, just above the boney protrusion of my heel.
Since that day, that area has been very sore to pressure and it is impossible to walk comfortably.
The location where the pressure from the spur caused damage is swollen much like a bowed tendon on a horse. Also, when pressure is applied to the tendon, there is a “creaking” or “sticking” sensation that is not present in the other heel.
I know that tendons slide in a sheath.
This “creaking” seems as though the tendon is not sliding cleaning in it’s sheath.
I have had no trouble prior to this.
Question: What do you think happened and how long will this go on?If you could give me some insight that’d be great.Sara

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