Jammed or Broken?

I hurt my finger playing football Wednesday night. I assumed it was jammed and of course one of my guy friends tried to pull it to “fix it”. It soon began to swell and become discolored. I went home and held ice on it and have held ice on it as much as possible since. It is now Friday night, and my finger is still extremely swollen. The top part of my joint is bluish/purpleish as well as almost all of the underneath side of my finger except for the tip. I can’t straighten it all the way, and can barely bend it, not even half way. I’ve been told by several people its just jammed, but now I beginning to wonder if its broken. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Alisha,Please don’t ever let anyone pull on your finger with an injury such as you had; that person might well have made your injury much more severe! I have been an ATC for almost 20 years, and still am very cautious with injuries such as yours. Without an X-Ray, it is not possible to distinguish between a sprain, dislocation, and a fracture. If you have not already done so, you need to immediately see a doctor for X-rays. He/she can then tell you the extent or the injury, and what treatment is required.Please let us know what the doctor diagnoses and recommends for treatment.


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