Jammed Thumb?

Injured my thumb at a concert a couple of months ago.
I am able to move my right hand thumb with little to no pain, but it feels stiff and does not have the dexterity it once had.
My problem is the pain that comes from any pressure put upon the bottom part of my thumb, on my palm.
Hand shakes causes me great discomfort and pain. Even getting change from my pants pocket hurt.
I’ve stopped my weight training in fear that I might re-injure/make the situation worse for my thumb.
It has been two months since the concert, my thumb still hurts with the slightest pressure. Anything I can do?
I heard jams like these take a few months to heal, is that true?

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    Totally similar situation… though it didn’t happen at a concert. Mine happened playing basketball. Right hand thumb. Hurts to open lids, even start the car. Bummer. Just wondering if yours has completely got better by now..


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