joint pain in both ankles

I was suffering severe pain in both hills after playing alot of basket-ball.
I diagosed with plantarfictias.
After about 3 years the pain finnaly went away in my hills.
However, the pain has shifted to both of my joints in both ankles.
My symptoms are severe stiffining when I run.
Also, when I sit or lie down I have siffining of joints.
Actually they are always stiff but get tighter when I am idle.
The pain is quite severe and has caused me to take an office job because I normally walk as a mail carrier.
Do you have any advice for me on what is my condition and what I can do to heal this Injury?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    Due to the length of time you describe what you have is not so muchan injury as a condition. But without an examination, I can not be sure.You could have any number of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from arthritis to chronic tendonitis


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