Jones Fracture

My eighteen yr old Daughter fell four weeks ago and someone else fell and landed on her foot. She had quite a bit of pain at first then it eased so she did’t go to the Dr at the time. Now she has swelling when she is on it much and frequent pain plus a new job that requires her to be on her feet 7-8 hours at a day. The pain worsened over the weekend she went in to the emergency room X-rays showed a broken bone in the foot, the ER physician confessed she wasn’t familiar with a Jones fracture, after reading in her medical book she advised my daughter to give it another three weeks if it isn’t better. To see someone about an MRI, that she may need a pin put in her foot. She gave her no restictions, or foot support to wear. Is this typical for a Jones fracture?
Thank you.

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    Nope. I have a Jones fx and am getting a screw put in. NOly solution if you want it to not break again.


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