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i twisted my foot while walking barefoot outside and step on something.
i suffered a jones fracture.
i did this on august 19, 2013.
i went to my regular doctor and he put me in a cast for 4 weeks.
when the cast was removed I still had the same pain in my foot but he said wait 2 weeks and call him if it still hurt.
i went in to see him two weeks later because it still hurt.
he took an xray and said the fracture was healed and sent me to therapy because he thought maybe I had soft tissue injury.
the therapist gave me exercises to try.
i did these for 3 weeks and they did not help.
I went to see a podatrist on november 17th.
he took an xray and said that the fracture has not healed and that calcium is building up underneath the fracture site because when I walk I am pulling the fracture open causing it not to heal.
he gave me a surgical shoe to wear with a insert in it with the left side cut out so there is no pressure on the fracture site.
the shoe helps very little.
the fracture is nondisplaced and located on the bottom side of the bone.
he said he would cast it if the pain was still bad.
i work in a factory and am on my feet 8 1/2 hours a day.
my question is this I have had a cast on before and it did no good.
do you think the casting will work the second time or do I need to look at some other form of treatment.
i have been walking on this fracture since it happened and wondering if this could be part of the problem with the non healing of this fracture.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There is is not an easy answer here. I have not seen the X-rays or examined your foot, so I can’t be sure. You indicated that this is a Jones fracture. Has your doctor told you this is what it is? If so, this type of fracture has a poor rate of healing, due to the way the circulation is at that part of the bone. An MRI might be helpful to see what is going on. Talk to your doctor and discuss where you need to go from here.


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    : Good luck.


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