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i twisted my foot on 7-1-04 and suffered a jones fracture. I was put in a nwb cast for 4 weeks after 4 weeks the x-rays showed no appreciable healing .i’m now in a nwb cast for another 4 weeks. if no appreciable healing was done in the first 4 weeks, what would make the next 4 weeks any different? is there a possibility that substantial healing could take place in these next 4 weeks? what can I do? should I take calcium supplements? thanks for your input!


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It is possible to have delayed healing or slower than expected healing. A Jones fracture is really tough to heal and often requires surgery due to the unique circulation in this area. There is no harm in taking calcium supplements, most women do not get enough in their diet anyway. As far as that making you heal any faster, I doubt it. Being non weight bearing is the right thing to do for now. Be patient and see what happens, but also be realistic.


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    My dtr (16 yrs) suffered a Jones Fracture playing rugby. They have casted it (non-weight bearing)& we see the ortho again in 2 weeks. I am concerned re: what I have read about failure to heal w/o surgury. She is a competative athelete. We were told her age is why they are going with the cast first … I dunno? Feedback welcome.


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